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IRS adds new Phone App

IRS Adds Tax Refund Status Tracker to Smartphone App   Read More Here

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People Deduct the Strangest Things!

The Minnesota Society of CPAs recently conducted its annual CPA member survey about the most strange and unusual tax deductions proposed by clients. The responses included everything from pets and wedding rings to gifts not given. See a list here!

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IRS Began Accepting Some Individual Returns…

The IRS is now accepting individual income tax returns electronically as of January 31, 2014. Some forms are not yet eligible for filing, however, if your return contains approved forms you are now able to file electronically.   Happy Tax […]

Experts Warn of Scam Emails About Data Breach at Target

In the aftermath of the data breach that potentially exposed the credit and debit card information for 80 million shoppers, Target sent out an official email stating that the company would offer one free year of credit monitoring through Experian. […]

3 Services to Ease Your Obamacare Pain

We’ve heard plenty about the pain Obamacare is inflicting on companies big and small: the hassle of shopping for plans, the challenge of managing a flood of new paperwork requirements, the battle against rising premiums. But as every entrepreneur knows, […]

Everyone Needs One of These

Who Knows What it is?    

8 Reasons to Be Truly Grateful

BY Geoffrey James Eight eternal reasons why you should begin and end each day feeling good. With that in mind, here are eight reasons that life is worth living and worth living well: Being Alive. Any day above ground is […]

15 Underrated Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Whether you have a tech question or a fashion concern, there’s probably an existing app that can help you out. But frankly, with all the apps out there, it’s easy to get stuck with the same icons on your home […]