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Your Family Deserves
a Secure Financial Future
Dwayne Samples - CEO of Amplify Solutions
Thanks for stopping by Amplify Solutions.
I've been in financial coaching since 2007,
and I have a passion for helping people prepare for their financial future!
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Let us help you put into place a plan for a secure financial future!

We have been helping people for years put their financial future on a secure path.

We are in Business to Help you Succeed!

Financial Coaching

We love working with individuals and families to help them put in place a plan that will ensure financial safety and freedom down the road.

CFO Services

We understand that the higher you go, the more pressure there is. We offer a unique service to CFO’s to help them & their company succeed!

Business Coaching

Have you hit a plateau in your business? Let us help you break through to the next level through our hands on business coaching.

Starting a Business

Have you always wanted to own your own business? There is no time like the present! We can help you get from where you are to where you dream.